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Welcome to Active Directory Discussions

Welcome to Active Directory Discussions

The list provides a discussion forum for those wishing to discuss aspects of Microsoft's Active Directory. It is intended for anyone with an interest in AD, except those whose sole interest is to sell something!
Feel free to email any questions, tips and tricks, useful links or anything else you feel may be relevant. The idea here is for us to share our knowledge and experiences so that we can learn from each other.

Subscribing / Unsubscribing

To subscribe to the mailing list simply register with us.  When registering make sure to select your Mailing List Subscription Mode (Normal, Poster or Digest).

If you are already registered on the site you can login and edit your profile by clicking on your name in the menu bar.  From there select Manage Profile and you will see the Mailing List Subscription options.

It is quite possible you have no idea of your username/password.  If you need your credentials then visit the login page and select the forgotten password link.

Of course you can also select to no longer be subscribed to the mail list with the same process and clearing the checkbox(es).

Sending Messages to the List 

When subscribed use the address ActiveDir@mail.activedir.org to post messages to the list.

Reporting issues

If you have any problems subscribing or unsubscribing please use this Contact Form to reach us.


A list archive is available here.

List Etiquette

We don't want to impose any rules that might restrict the free flow of information, but the list will be a nicer place for everyone if we observe the following:
  • Avoid off-topic posts (or at least use the OT: subject prefix)
  • Avoid "me too" posts
  • Keep flames to a minimum
  • No shameless product or service advertising
  • No swearing, biting, scratching, kicking, rabbit punching and definitely no hitting below the belt

More information can be found in the FAQ's

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