body { font-family: "Calibri","Slate Pro",sans-serif,"sans-serif"; color:#262626 } Greetings,
Our network team has decided to consider utilising VSAT connections when our main links goes down just to have a back up link available for services such as core banking and etc. They asked me about the active directory traffic and their suitable bandwidth also. Let me present a background:
Our forest consist of 35 child domains and 35 sites for each domain. Since clients in each domain login to their computers in their domain and each domain has only one site associated to it, we do not have Inter-Site related traffic for domain partitions except the schema and configuration partition which we rarely alter them.
‎I was thinking to informing our network team about 512 Kbps is the need for this scenario. Any thoughts? Did I miss something to include for my considerations? 
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