3rd party smartcard logon

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daemonr00t posted this 11 August 2019

Hi folks,

Anyone out there with a really functional and detailed guide to enable 3rd party smartcard logon to Windows?

So far I've seen stuff that's inaccurate and/or out dated.

Thanks a bunch.


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daemonr00t posted this 14 August 2019

Thanks so much!


There’s a glitch in the formatting of the cert.


I guess we’ll have to that address or explorer another provider.


Thank you both Ravi and Christoffer again.




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chriss3 posted this 13 August 2019

It all depends on the 3rd party implementation, you’re saying 3rd party Smart Cards – this can be everything from having their own CSP, Min-driver, Middleware.

Or do you mean a 3rd party CA for issuing Certificates for Smart Cards?


I have ben working this 3rd party for example:




Ravi.Sabharanjak posted this 13 August 2019

Does this help?
In short:- install smart card capable cert on DCs. We use one that also has our ldap vip name in the SAN.- create templates for smart card enrollment.- install drivers- set account options to require smart card. (Optional)- group policy on devices to require smart card for logins.(optional)- install smart card drivers.
We use an internal pki for the cards, external should work as long as the chain is trusted.
If you lock down accounts and servers to smart cards, be aware that there is no access if there is an issue with the pki infra.
Recently, I heard about a product (Entrust?) That uses your phone to store the identify cert, instead of a physical card. Would be interested in learning more about this if anyone has tried this.


daemonr00t posted this 12 August 2019

Anyone out there?


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