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nidhin_ck posted this 24 July 2015

Hi Experts,
I need to export "pending import" from Connnector Space in csv format with Commom Name field. Right now i'm able to export to xml file and then csv file. but i couldnt find any method to pull the Commom Name field.My idea is to pull this report with common name and send to email daily and fix the issues..
Syntax i used to pull report and csv conversion C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin>csexport.exe "fcloudconnector - AAD" c:\report.xml /f:m /o:d C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin>CSExportAnalyzer.exe c:\report.xml > c:\report.csv

Nidhin CK

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dloder posted this 24 July 2015

Is the data you want present in the exported XML file?  If so, you'll need to write your own XML parsing script or transform to more easily format the data you want.
If it's not in the export have you tried some of the other output switch parameters (or none to get all data)?  For the connector spaces, most of the (non-anchor) data is stored in the hologram, which is a blob in the database rather than relational data, so no easy way to do a raw query.
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KenHooveroxfordcomputergroupcom posted this 24 July 2015

This guy’s Powershell script should get you to what you’re looking for.  Just point it to an MA and it will return all objects in that MA’s CS that

are in a pending export state. 


I’ve used this (with minor tweaks) for the same purpose -- getting a list of objects where Azure AD is rejecting an export -- and it’s really handy. 

I am pretty sure the basic approach this script uses will work on any FIM MA’s CS, though of course the attributes would vary.




Ken Hoover



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