AADSync setup

  • Last Post 13 October 2015
ZJORZ posted this 12 October 2015

Hi, I’m wondering what the most frequent setups are when installing AADsync:·         What setup do you have·         Why did you choose that specific setup·         how many forests are connected·         how many objects are being managed (in the MV)·         what specs (CPU/RAM/disk size) are you using for all servers·         what are your thoughts about high availability regarding the setup you have chosen [A] Single server with AADsync and SQL Express[B] Single server with AADsync and SQL Express (active) and Single server with AADsync and SQL Express (inactive in staging mode)[C] Single server with AADsync and SQL Full Version[D] Single server with AADsync and SQL Full Version (active) and Single server with AADsync and SQL Full Version (inactive in staging mode)[E] 1 server with AADSync (active) and 1 server with AADsync (standby) and 1 server with SQL Full Version Thanks in advance Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards, Jorge de Almeida Pinto*: JorgeDeAlmeidaPinto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(: +31 (0)6 Description: Description: Description: Description: Think Green 

Ravi.Sabharanjak posted this 13 October 2015

Hi Jorge,
My information below is from an year ago when I did the setup for a previous employer -
-Single forest. 600 Users, 6000 groups.- Dirsync collocated with the ADFS server.- Server was a VM on ESX server, 2 CPUs, 8GB RAM - Standard configuration because of "virtual first" deployment strategy.- Separate SQL server. Why - Consolidated SQL server to maximize return on license cost. Avoided the express because of 2 reasons: Didn't want bog down my server by running SQL, Didn't want proliferation of SQL express and wanted DR capability (ok, 3 reasons).- Used configuration E from your list above. Setup was tricky - because of using separate SQL server and trickier as I wanted DR capability. Used the same procedures as for FIM for active/passive setup. I believe I had to reach out to this group for help / clarification as well. I think the HA story with AADSync is not great.