Active Directory Auditing

  • Last Post 17 August 2016
ant0ni0 posted this 07 July 2016

I'm testing a new application and I'd like to know what objects (Users specially) and attributes are updated in AD when some feature of this tool is executed. Is there some command or tool for this end? Not sure if repadmin would be a good start.

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Tony posted this 07 July 2016

Here's an article on how to enable AD auditing.

How to enable Active Directory auditing - Open a Socket

Despite Active Directory having been around for more than 10 years, I still find new implementations proceeding without directory service access auditing enabled.



stevelane85 posted this 08 July 2016

You may also get help from this active directory auditing solution:

jheaton posted this 08 July 2016

Netwrix has an awesome suite of tools for auditing not only AD, but file servers, SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, DNS, etc.



ant0ni0 posted this 17 August 2016

Thank you guys. I have chosen Netwrix.