Active Directory Enhanced Security Admin Environment (Red Forest)

  • Last Post 09 August 2016
BrianB posted this 08 August 2016

Does anyone have the actual build document and task list for building a ESAE (Red forest)? I have seen several documents about the benefits and the components but no actual build documentation. Microsoft apparently even has a service for ESAE that you can purchase with PSS hours.     Brian Britt        

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barkills posted this 09 August 2016

I’d expect that with the release of WS2016, there will be a plethora of additional documentation covering that topic in conjunction with the WS2016 AD features that support PAM.


That said, Microsoft has existing documentation about the feature I’m referencing at:


And the “plan” docs for that feature, which include setting up the “bastion” or “administration” forest start at:





BrianB posted this 09 August 2016

Just wanted to send this put one more time since it was late in the day yesterday when I sent it. Any help with deployment instruction would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Britt