ADMT 3.2 - User desktop

  • Last Post 24 August 2015
Patrick posted this 21 August 2015

I am migrating users from a child domain to another child domain and for some reason I am seeing some inconsistent behavior - sometimes users migrate and they login and there desktop is there as it was before the migration and somestimes its not.Any reason that this is happening?
Background InfoCompany changes hands and IT guy setups new domain but in same forest and as a child of present domain - Big #$%^ mistake in my book.Should have been 2 forest with trust relationship, again just my thoughts

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kebabfest posted this 21 August 2015

Had the same problem with a few profiles on my last migration, although I was using quest tools for repermissioning profiles and not admt.
On this project it appeared to be due to the size of the profile. Anything over 1gb didint work. Doing a good clean up of the profile e.g. Removing temp files etc.  reduced the number of incidents.
If u r having the problem with small profiles then it is probably something else.


Patrick posted this 24 August 2015

Thanks for the reply...I know I will have to test this solution but one of the other admins was saying that its the SID History that is responsible for the desktop profiles not being changed.Any other ideas, anyone?