Change Time Zone via GPO

  • Last Post 28 April 2016
Llara posted this 28 April 2016

I am trying to implement the following to manage the zone for some of our servers.
when I manually run the .bat file that I have created from \\netlogon\scripts\timezone.bat
the time zone is changing, however when I set this up via GPO it's not working. I am following the article below.
any suggestions?

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Ravi.Sabharanjak posted this 28 April 2016

I would suggest by confirming that the batch file is being run at all. You can do this by adding a line that maybe writes a line to a log file - date /t >>C:\windows\temp\log.txttime /t  >>C:\windows\temp\log.txt
Another thing that might be going wrong is that you may need to provide the full path to your exe such as: %windir%\system32\tzedit.exe etc


Llara posted this 28 April 2016

Thanks! I have end up configuring this by gp preference and registry entry with EST set.