Dear all,

Is anyone here aware of any AD or application usage of the "co"
attribute, which might be broken by having "non-standard" values in

To explain why I'm asking:
The "co" attribute, which would normally contain text such as "United
States" or "Spain", has been altered on all accounts to contain the
region, as well as the country (eg "EUROPE - Spain").

The reason for this is apparently so that in the Outlook properties of
an address book entry, it shows the region that a user is in, and
Outlook does show this as being "Country/Region", not just "Country".

I'm inclined to worry when management decide to use AD attributes to
make things look pretty, but other than a couple of scripts, the
change doesn't seem to have broken anything. I wasn't around when they
made the change. I'd like to know if we're likely to be causing
ourselves pain in future - or ideally, if there's some other attribute
which is used alongside "co" to populate the "Country/Region" field as
seen in the address book in Outlook.

Many thanks,

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