Configure IE 10 in win 2008r2

  • Last Post 15 January 2017
yogeshcittu posted this 15 January 2017

Hi All,
Currently in our organisation we have configured group policy(server 2008r2 sp1) for proxy settings and it works till version IE9.
Now we have a requirement that we need to configure the same settings to IE10 and above
Is there any way we can configure as a Computer policy
I have followed below article but it didn't work for me.
Please guide me on this and let me know If im missing something 
Note:We dont have windows server 2012 in our environment 

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daemonr00t posted this 15 January 2017

Are the policy templates up to date?

That's the key.


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jkolenda posted this 15 January 2017

I had this same issue. There are no admx templates setting for proxy server name.   The way I did this is to use GPO preferences for IE 10 and above.  I use admx for everything else IE expect proxy server setting.
Hope that helps


a-ko posted this 15 January 2017

In general, it’s because most organizations are using transparent proxies now that are not configured on the end node. Proxying is done at the network layer.