Creating linked attributes

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n3ilb3 posted this 28 June 2015

Hi All,
Just want to check something.  Is is possible to create a new custom attribute as a backlink to an existing custom attribute that wasn't originally setup as a forward link?  i.e. the existing custom attribute doesn't have a LinkID defined.
I can't edit the LinkID value for the existing attribute, so I'm thinking this should have been set at the point it was created?
If it isn't possible to do this after the attributes creation I can only think of deactivating the existing attribute and creating 2 new linked attributes.  If I deactivate the existing custom attribute, can I create a new one with a different OID but using the same name?

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limeypridegmailcom posted this 28 June 2015

No, and certainly not in any way that will preserve the existing data… possibly obviously.  You’ll need to defunct and recreate both. So, yes to your other question—defuncting existing attributes will allow you to re-use most (essentially all) of their unique properties including LDAP display names and even OIDs if you want but only one of those OIDs one can ever be active at any given point.  In addition and given what I understand of your scenario, there’s possibly no motivation to preserve the OID unless there’s an app consuming it.--
Dean Wells


n3ilb3 posted this 29 June 2015

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the info.  In this instance I'm looking at a DEV environment that doesn't match production.  At some point in the past one of the 2 linked attributes needed was created in DEV but not the other, I can only guess that it was deemed one attribute was needed but not the other at that point in time, this was all before I joined the company so speculation on my part.
I've not created linked attributes before, from what I've read its a case of using LDIFDE to import a ldf file with a reload of the schema between creating the forward and back link.  The forward link should have a linkID set to 1.2.840.113556.1.2.50. and the back link should have the linkID set to the ldapDisplayName of the forward link.  Have a missed anything major there?  I'll do this in my own lab before i try it in the DEV environment.
Thanks for the info!