Customize GPO tabs

  • Last Post 29 May 2017
Mahdi posted this 29 May 2017

Hello Experts!

Have  been thinking about creating my own custom tab and inject it to GPMC console. I know it is hard and maybe improbable, but I think it is not impossible:

I know that in AD it is quite hard (after modifying all property pages and display specifiers) but what about GPO? The same rules apply here? I believe before that we should create the form using a language like C# but is there anyone here who has more insights towards this?

I am willing to hear all sort of comments except thos with "You can not do it!" ^_^




darren posted this 29 May 2017

You’ll need to build an MMC snap-in extension to do this. Plenty of vendors have done it (extended GPMC) so it is possible. Have a look here to start with: You can use managed

code, as far as I know. It doesn’t have to be C++.