I have 2 sites Mumbai and Banglore

Mumbai Primary and Banglore DR Site.

We are planning DR Drill

IF MUM SITE GOES DOWN ALONG WITH DC AND DNS how will client connect to DR SIte and authenticate.?

Mumbai : 2 DC on Physical Server and 2 ADC on virtual Server.

Banglore DR SITE: 1 DC physical and ADC on Virtual Server

An the rest of the Branch are RODC's (AD Integrated DNS Zone)

RODC's are replicated to Mumbai and Banglore sites.

Most of them are replicating to both the sites MUMBAI and Banglore sites.

We have 1 Branch in Mumbai which is replicating Banglore (DR Site)

?We have 1 Branch in Mumbai which is replicating to both Mumbai and Banglore (DR Site)

My queries are below

We are planning to shutdown all the DC from Mumbai and user should authenticate to Banglore DR Site

I will be running repadmin /sync all <Sorce DC> /APed (Before DR Drill) and after DR drill completion

I will be running the same command on BLR DR site.


* Will the Users will be able to log in to DR DC and how if he is authenticating from Mumbai?

* Do I need to add the DNS entries manually on the every Client machine to Authenticate to the Mumbai Site?

or just the DNS entries of the DR site on the ranch RODC which is repicating to the Mumbai site so that client in that branch will get the DNS Server and then they will be log in if mumbai site is down..

will heir data will replicate to Primary DC when Site Comes up?