We have a DFS replication group which has multiple folder targets from multiple domains. Today dfs team reported that the "Local path" is showing <NOT DEFINED> for all the shares in a particular domain. Pls find the screenshot. What will be the cause for it. We have fixed this by deleting the member from DFS and re-added back.
in this domain, only one server is configured as master and other members are spokes. and in all the DFS member server in that domain we could see an event id 4010 & 3006 which has below details
Event ID 4010 The DFS Replication service detected that the replicated folder at local path D:\DFS_Root\Software\Office365 has been removed from configuration.  Additional Information: Replicated Folder Name: Office365 Replicated Folder ID: 92666752-E362-4BCD-AAC0-DA3325846E2F Replication Group Name: testdomain.com\software\office365 Replication Group ID: 699666C4-6BDD-459D-B72F-A6364C21049D Member ID: 50CAEE59-19A6-41F4-BC28-93D7CF86AB63 
and another event id 3006 which has below details
The DFS Replication service has detected that replication group testdomain.com\software\office365 was removed from the configuration. Additional Information: Replication Group ID: 699666C4-6BDD-459D-B72F-A6364C21049D Member ID: 50CAEE59-19A6-41F4-BC28-93D7CF86AB63

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