Domain Controller Memory allocation on Hyper-V

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BrianB posted this 07 April 2017

I am deploying DC’s on Hyper-V. I asked for 1.5 times the DIT size for dedicated memory allocation. I was given 2 gb startup with up to 6gb dynamic and was told this is best practice on Hyper-V. There are some articles out there that seem to support this notion, like here:, but I figure they are written by Hyper-V admins and not Directory Service Admins.

  So I am asking if this method of memory allocation for a Domain Controller is truly best practice and if the Domain Controller will be OK with dynamic memory.

  Brian Britt

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bdesmond posted this 16 April 2017

That article is unfortunately not so great.


You do not want to use Dynamic Memory with AD. I don’t know how large the DIT is in your environment, but, 1.5X may be overkill. DIT + 2-4 GB is usually in the neighborhood

of what I would suggest.



Brian Desmond


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aakash posted this 16 April 2017

Here’s an article I’ve been using recently to help determine how much RAM to assign to a DC:


-Aakash Shah



aakash posted this 16 April 2017

Another thing to take into account is the size of the security logs – I’ve recently learned that since these are memory mapped, if for instance the DC DC security logs are set to 4gb, this needs to also be accounted

for when sizing for memory on the DC.


-Aakash Shah



BrianB posted this 17 April 2017



Will you please elaborate a little on the “Why” not to use dynamic memory? It seems that most information that I can find support the use of Dynamic memory for domain controllers. Though most are Hypervisor admins

perspective rather than a an experienced AD admin perspective. It would be great if there was an article or guidance from Microsoft that I could reference, but I cannot find one specifically for AD DC’s and Dynamic Memory.


Brian B.  



Atula posted this 20 April 2017

Maybe this one helps.