Hi fellows,
So I'd like to get some insight on the following scenario:
Single forest with two domain trees, moving objects from domain B2 to A1.
B2 domain will remain around after this exercise, no plan to decommission.
Both domains running Windows Server 2008, DFL and FFL are up to 2008 mode.
All security groups in domain B2 have been converted to Universal groups.
Some users from B2 don't have an account on A1. ~Good these can be easily moved with ADMT, only thing to look for is the fact that the source accounts will be gone after the move, right?
Some users from B2 have an account on A1, there's a file with all the account mapping as the naming convention is not the same. Here's my big question in regards to how do I merge the accounts?
Bear in mind that this is an intraforest migration.