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gpfzd posted this 29 October 2015

Hi all, Can anyone help me on one query in active directory ? if any domain user logging from client machine to domain then how can we track complete time duration which was taken  for successful login means including user profile loading, Group policy loading & logon script etc. please send me any step by step docs or video or link or any script or any friendly tool with detailed procedure if possible.. Thanks in advance.... 
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kurtbuff posted this 29 October 2015


rwf4 posted this 29 October 2015

This article links to numerous resources





jeremyts posted this 29 October 2015

Yep, Install the Windows Performance Toolkit, which is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit. Run up Windows Performance Recorder and everything else should be very obvious. There are plenty of blogs and vids on how to analyse the data using Windows Performance Analyzer.

Another extremely cool and helpful tool to use is uberAgent. It requires Splunk, so if you already have that it's too easy.