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RickSheikh posted this 30 October 2009

I am trying to narrow down on the specifics of this error from multiple
likely causes that I have come across, in which the recommended solutions
seems consistent with demoting/re-promoting the source DC where the error is
being logged on.

Repadmin /replsum shows the one-liner error as in "8606 : Insufficient
attributes were given to create an object. ...."

And a look from the Err.exe reveals just a tid bit more but not really

C:\Program Files\Err\Err>err 8606
# for decimal 8606 / hex 0x219e :
# Insufficient attributes were given to create an object.
# This object may not exist because it may have been deleted
# and already garbage collected.
# 1 matches found for "8606"

Two likely causes seems to be USN roll-backs (due to unsupported restoration
of DC) and or lingering objects past the TSL. Both of these were not likley
in my case. And the expected event IDs (discussed in these two KBs) were
also not found, were that to be the case.

Thoughts on what else could this be caused by, or where have you seen this
in your experience ?


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pbbergs posted this 30 October 2009

This looks like a lingering object to me.

How it got there may be up for discussion but that would be my guess. If your dc's provide dc services only, I would just demote and promote and move on. The amount of time it is going to take to try and figure out what happened will most likely take much longer than the dcpromo cycle.




GuidoG posted this 31 October 2009

If this is a single domain forest and you have IP connectivity between all DCs, it's not that difficult do cleanup the lingering objects with repadmin.. As such I'd consider it worthwhile to first check for lingering objects on other DCs as well - if you find multiple DCs with this, a cleanup should be preferred over doing a re-promotion of many DCs. And even if it's just one, cleaning up the objects is easy enough and less intrusive than a re-promotion.