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Syberchip posted this 24 March 2015

Received this one single warning event on one DC this morning, never seen it before (this is on a 2003 functional level domain, but has 2008 DCs as well):   Event Type:      Warning Event Source:   NTDS General Event Category:            Internal Processing Event ID:          1173 Date:                3/24/2015 Time:                7:52:39 AM User:                ANONYMOUS LOGON Computer:         SERVERNAME Description: Internal event: Active Directory has encountered the following exception and associated parameters.

  Exception: e0010004

Parameter: 0

  Additional Data

Error value: -1603

Internal ID: 2050344   So far only one error on one DC.  Is this something to worry about?  I did find via a Google search where someone else had this exact error and found out from Microsoft that unless it happens frequently to not worry about it?  Has anyone seen this exact error before?   -Marcus  

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ethierbach posted this 24 March 2015

I seem to remember seeing those on rare occasion, on 2008 (non-R2) DCs. I don't recall any since upgrading to 2008 R2 a few years ago.
Since Server 2008 == Windows Vista kernel, it doesn't surprise me that the error went away when we upgraded to 2008 R2 (== Windows 7 kernel).


Syberchip posted this 24 March 2015

Just to add, I did run repadmin /showrepl * /csv >showrepl.csv, and in the columns “number of failures”, “last failure time”, and “last failure status” are all

zeros, which I assume means no errors?  Thanks for the responses!





Cynthia posted this 24 March 2015

Found this:




Cynthia Erno

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chriss3 posted this 25 March 2015

-1603 == JET_errNoCurrentRecord, if you just see this logged once I wouldn’t bother, if it’s logged repeatedly  I would run a semantic check on the DB and eventually compact it. Enfo ZipperChristoffer Andersson – Principal Advisor