Fine tuning change notification values

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minwar posted this 05 September 2016

Has anyone got any experience of fine tuning change notification using the registry settings for "Replicator notify pause after modify" and "Replicator notify pause between DSAs" ?  Currently looking at a set of requirments where we need changes replicated between dozens of DCs in as short a time as possible.  Less than the default 15sec/3 sec values would allow.  Not something ive ever had the need to change so curious if anyone else has or has any views on it.  Thanks

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DonH posted this 05 September 2016

Active Directory is fundamentally a distributed service and, following the X.500 directory model, presents itself as such, offering high availability at the cost of transient inconsistency.  X.500  does not have distributed transactions, and there is no guarantee that a value written to the directory will be visible on a subsequent read.  Even if you lowered the notification values to 1 and 1, all that does is say that a change notification will be sent, not that the DSA that receives the notification will immediately respond to it or be able to process the change by any given point in time. Push back on the requirements.  Explain that while the DSA does indeed replicate changes in “as short a time as possible”, that time is finite and any client must be prepared for it to be visible.  If the client cannot deal with propagation latency, then it should plan to use a non-distributed data store. DonH 


minwar posted this 06 September 2016

Thanks Don, appreciate the comments.  Comes to down to budget at the end of the day but your right, mught just be a case of managing expectations.