gMSA issue

  • Last Post 16 February 2017
bshwjt posted this 15 February 2017

We have scheduled tasks and we have migrated those in a different server. All were working fine but latter I have scheduled those with gMSA. Getting event ID 101.previous service account group membership and gMSA group membership is same. Unfortunately few tasks are running and fews are not. When I have changed problematic scheduled tasks with normal service acct that is working fine. Also same gMSA is working with few scheduled tasks. No clue.

joe posted this 16 February 2017

Did you get this working? 
Just to clarify, you had this all working fine on one server. When you move to a different server though, some of the tasks work and others don't. So, this suggests that the GMSA is configured to work correctly on the server itself and the failures are specific to individual tasks?
If that was the case, what I'd probably do is comb the event logs for possible indications of errors and possibly also use Sysinternals Process Monitor to monitor the scheduled task process that is failing to look for errors related to resource access such as file and registry. Maybe you are just missing an ACL somewhere?
Joe K.