GPO backup failure while using Backup-GPO cmdlet

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nidhin_ck posted this 03 May 2016

Hi Experts,
I'm using below script to take backup of the GPO's in my environment. But Im getting the error mentioned below ie "Access Denied". Is there anyway to identify which gpo has the permission issue and skip that error and continue with the GPO backup. Right now if there is any Access denied script stops execution and backup is not getting completed successfully.
Script:------------$date = Get-Date -Format dd.MM.yyyy$americasregionpath = "D:\GPO-Backups\Daily\Americas\$date"New-Item -Path $americasregionpath -ItemType directoryBackup-GPO -All -Domain -Path $americasregionpath -Server


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scripterv posted this 03 May 2016

Try adding –ErrorAction SilentlyContinue or perhaps preferably look at try/catch as you may be able to report on the GPO causing the issue, correct it and ensure it’s in the backup going forward. 


darren posted this 03 May 2016

If you just want to continue and not be bothered with the errors (sub-optimal) you can try suppressing errors using -ErrorAction SilientlyContinue as a parameter on the backup



Alternatively, you might want to take a different approach to see which GPO is causing the issue, which is to first get a list of all GPOs using:


$gpoList = get-gpo -all


Then put those in a foreach loop to backup each GPO:


Foreach ($gpo in $gpoList)


      write-host Current GPO is $gpo.DisplayName.ToString()

      backup-GPO $gpo.DisplayName.ToString()






nidhin_ck posted this 05 May 2016

Thanks Darren. It worked.
Nidhin CK