How do you cope with the differences in ADMX and ADML files?

  • Last Post 21 March 2017
HanValk posted this 21 March 2017

Hi list, I came along an interesting blog: assume most of you have a Central Store. If yes how do you handle the ‘issue’ discussed in that blog? Very curious about your answers/suggestions! Regards,Han

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a-ko posted this 21 March 2017

Typically for me? I just don’t care. If some of these settings are important for you, I’d create some GPP Registry policies and just configure what you need there.



darren posted this 21 March 2017

I’m not a big fan of the Central Store, even though it’s widely used. It hamstrings your ability to control what ADMX/L files you are working with in cases where you want to test new versions, see the effect on GPOs generated with older

versions, etc. I like and use the Local ADMX redirect settings mentioned at the end of that article on a regular basis. But I think it depends upon how many hands you have in the pie, with regards to GP management. If you have a lot of folks managing GP, then

having a single consistent repository like the Central Store is probably a good thing and then you need a test environment that mimics production, where you can test and vet newer ADMXs before rolling them out.