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idarryl posted this 23 October 2015

Hi all,
I'm currently investigating IAM solutions. I work in, I guess, and typical modern company, we have a few domains with users, computers and groups and legacy 'old school' applications we need to manage access too.  We also have ADFS for O356, Box, Salesforce, etc etc.  So I was trying to find an IAM solution, preferably IDaaS, that would manage both my on-premise and cloud identities.  Has anyone found an all-in-one solution for this, or do you use separate solutions?
As was mention in by Gil in another thread Okta isn't great for traditional AD, and I from what I've found no other IDaaS is too.  I'm leaning towards Azure AD, but even with their Azure ADDS offering, I don't think there's group management, so I would still need to use MIM (or other), as we need to do SAP integration for user life-cycle.  What's the latest thinking on how to manage this as smoothly as possible?

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sam_bloom posted this 12 November 2015


We have recently started using a tool called Adaxes. I initially found it on PetriIT (https://www.petri.com/softerra-adaxes-review-active-directory-management-automation-solution) and up until now I do actually enjoy it.

It does manage on-prem AD + Exchange + Office 365 really well and smooth. However, if you need to add another systems to it, it's not included in the box. You can however use scripts. They can be either triggered by certain events in AD (like new user creation or user modification) or they can be put in as single button actions into a WebUI. Actually, web ui is a great addition as well. If you want you can customize it to be a central console for all associated systems. 

So if your still investigating IAM solutions, I would definitely consider Adaxes as an option.