Hi everybody!

I'm running a strange problem in my environment...

Win2008 R2 domain, Win10 Enterprise client.
There's a user GPO that set a vbs script to be run as user logon script.

If the user is a "normal" user (not a member of BUILTIN\Administrators
group), everything is working fine.

For domain users that are also member of BUILTIN\Administrators, scripts
are not executed.
But, if I run scripts after user logon, they do their job.
(so it doesn't seems to be a user permission problem on the script..)

The only way I found to make it work, was to set the "User Account
Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode" gpo on DISABLE.
(But I would to avoid that of course, since it could decrease my system
security and Universal Apps as Edge Browser are not running btw..)

Any suggestion?
Have a nice weekend!


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