Prerequisites and Rights required to Implement IPAM

  • Last Post 10 April 2017
pawan posted this 07 April 2017

Dear All,
Sorry to bother you all as it does not match fully with AD related but if someone has implemented or using IPAM can provide their suggestions
We need to implement IPAM –IP Address Management in a forest to manage DHCPs where we are only Managing servers we don't have Domain admin rights but we have full access to manage DHCP and other Servers, we also have rights to create GPO in some places.So I want to know some suggestion from you guys on below points:
1.       What ports are required to be opened for IPAM. If we go for Manual setup in IPAM Configuration?
2.       If we select to use GPO provisioning method then what rights we needed as we don't have rights to manage that forest and domain.
3.       What rights we needed to run IPAM as we don't have domain admin rights on that forest to manage dns or DC but we are managing DHCP servers in that forest.
Thanks in AdvPWN

ken posted this 10 April 2017

Did you read all of this?

Seems reasonably comprehensive WRT to pre-reqs and rights required to install.