Question about Performance Monitor Results

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SmitaCarneiro posted this 02 November 2015

Recently we had a domain controller show high CPU usage. One of the server guys ran Performance monitor and I’m now looking at the results. In the right hand pane I get a warning about the top client taking up ~23% of CPU.If I click on that it takes me down to that client. Under the box titled Clients with the Most CPU Usage I see a list of IPs with Requests/sec. However the top 2 are not IP addresses butSAM and NTDSAPI, like so:  What exactly does this mean and how do I find out which client caused the load?If I click on the plus sign next to ‘SAM’ , I get queries of the form sAMAccountType=805306368 which according to this website is supposed to be an efficient query. So I’m guessing that whoever the client was just had a lot of queries. But how do I find out which client that was?My Google searching has not helped. Thanks,  Smita Carneiro, GCWNActive Directory Systems EngineerIT Security and PolicyRoss Enterprise Center3495 Kent Avenue, Suite 100West Lafayette, IN 47906 

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dddugan posted this 02 November 2015

While there can be a variety of causes, I suggest logging expensive LDAP queries to start. There’s also a nice little summary PowerShell script once you’ve captured some data.





SmitaCarneiro posted this 04 November 2015

Thanks Darin, that’s a nice tool! Smita