question related to multiple forest trust

  • Last Post 09 December 2015
sumesh2279 posted this 09 December 2015

I am working on an AD project where we have 3 active directory Forests (Within the same Organization).
 a) Account Forest -user
b)  Resource Forest
c) administration forest ( newly one getting created)
All the helpdesk team are currently in account forest and we are planning  to migrate them to administration Forest.  how do we configure the trust to force the help desk to manage user accounts in account forest  from administration forest. We don't want normal users from account forest to access administration forest.
Thanks for your input

ZJORZ posted this 09 December 2015

A one-way trust where the “Account Forest -user” is the trusting forest and the “administration forest” is the trusted forestIn other words: “Account Forest -user” trusts the “administration forest”, therefore users in “administration forest” can access/manage resources in “Account Forest -user”, but not the other way around Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards, Jorge de Almeida Pinto*: JorgeDeAlmeidaPinto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(: +31 (0)6 Description: Description: Description: Description: Think Green