Questions related to Group policy

  • Last Post 18 July 2016
sumesh2279 posted this 16 July 2016

Our AD environment Is locked out .our windows 2012 default policies is to lock down the Impersonate a Client After Authentication.  it is enabled with the suggested accounts from Microsoft.  Our IIS administrator are experiencing issues now and most of these issues are related to missing IISiuser account from this policy.  They are unable to add a user to this right as the local policy add button is grayed out. I would like to know how  do you manage this in your environment. How do you overcome this situation . Let me know your thoughts. Is there any way to add IISiuser account in a domain wide policy
Thanks a lotSumesh Adiyapurath

sumesh2279 posted this 18 July 2016

Resending for thoughts

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