Role Base Access Control for ADUC

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manasrrp6 posted this 5 weeks ago

 Can we manage Role Base Access Control (RBAC) to L1 Engineer on specific TAB of account properties in Active Directory Users and Computers so that Engineer can only modify  as on given permissible limit.Regardscid:image002.gif@01D14ECD.C6D1DE80 

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michael1 posted this 4 weeks ago

AD DS doesn’t use RBAC. What investigation on this topic have you done?



SamErde posted this 4 weeks ago

You could create a security group (role) and delegate permissions on a specific OU (or the entire domain if you're brave) for that security group to be able to edit specific attributes on user objects. This wouldn't create RBAC roles that directly correspond to tabs in ADUC, but it is possible to manually achieve the same effect.


manasrrp6 posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Samuel,
Your solution is absolutely what I required to do.Can you please help little bit more to edit parameters on newly created security group.Step by step.


jheaton posted this 4 weeks ago

There are lots of resources for delegating controls for ADUC.  Google/Bing is your friend