Script update: Microsoft Active Directory Documentation Script Update Version 2.1

  • Last Post 20 October 2016
webster posted this 19 October 2016   Thanks     Carl Webster Citrix Technology Professional The Accidental Citrix Admin  

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dddugan posted this 20 October 2016

I never got around to testing prior versions of the documentation script, but got on the ball this week. First run through took almost seven hours to complete, which seems excessive. <100k users, <50k computers, lots of OUs and GPOs. This

was all sections (default) but no Hardware, Services, DCDNSInfo or IncludeUserInfo.


Haven’t looked into details just yet, but thought I’d see what kind of times others are seeing. Does this speed seem abnormal?





webster posted this 20 October 2016

Thanks for giving the script a test.


Word is just slow even with Iain Brighton’s Word Table optimizations. The HTML output is much faster because there are no comObjects involved (and PoSH V5.1 broke a lot of Office’s comObject stuff. Broke cover

pages for my scripts.). I spent a LOT of time last week cleaning up the HTML code that was contributed. If you try HTML output, it should look very nice and run many times faster than Word/PDF. Text is also available but I find it not as useful as HTML or

Word output.


I found that starting with PoSH V5 the scripts, especially Word output, run much faster than V3 or V4. I just wish MS hadn’t broken comObjects in 5.1.


I am adding HTML output to the DHCP doc script as we type. I also have a DNS doc script which does Word, PDF, Text and HTML.





Carl Webster

Citrix Technology Professional

The Accidental Citrix Admin





dddugan posted this 20 October 2016

Good info, thanks, Carl. I’m running PowerShell 5.1 with Word 2016. Will give the other formats a try and report back.