Hi Guys!   An ADMT question for you guys. A company I work for just finished an ADMT migration from Forest A to Forest B, this was executed successfully.   The new user accounts in Forest B have their SIDHistory filled in with the objectSID from Forest A, because not all security translations have taken place (subinacl stuff, sigh). In other words, users access resources with their SIDHistory value.   NOW J, the customer has to adjust their way of working by migrating the same AD objects once again, this time to a child domain from Forest B. The trouble: we cannot use the original Forest A to source AD objects from as that situation is outdated..   A very ugly sketch of the situation:     What I am wonderng about: can ADMT migrate an existing SIDHistory value, so that in the child domain a User has in effect 2 SIDHistory values?? If this is not possible, I will need to security translate (subinacl) all resources to Parent Domain B, and only then can I perform the second migration. What do you guys think?   Kind Regards,

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