Smartcard Authentication - Popular Vendors for Windows?

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sa.anupam posted this 23 September 2015

Hello All,

I have been exploring few products that would help to secure Highly privileged account access using second factor authentication without entering pass codes. Can you guys suggest few popular vendors that provide smart card?

Regards, Anupam

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a-ko posted this 23 September 2015

HID. You’ll need: ·         Smart Card·         Certificate Authority/Management Platform (Windows has one built-in, but it might not provide all the assurances you may need)·         Middleware (HID bought ActivClient so this should be available)·         Potentially a system that allows web authentication with smart cards rather than passcodes.o   Some web applications can do this (such as Dell’s iDrac 8 Enterprise)o   Many can’t. So you need something that performs authentication for you with the smart card.o   Maybe HID’s system can also assist with this?·         A process for key and card management. You can also integrate these cards into your badging system at work. Oh, and Putty doesn’t support smart cards—so you’ll need an ssh client that potentially can do this if you have any nix boxes. 


BrianB posted this 23 September 2015

Does it have to be a smartcard? Do you have a specific reason for using the smartcard over other MFA solutions?


DUO and Safenet are two other MFA providers that can use Phone as a token. And Microsoft has an MFA solution but you must have some type of subscription to Azure

or Office 365 to use it.


Brian Britt



sa.anupam posted this 24 September 2015

We already have Symantec VIP. But you will need to punch in the keys. They have mobile push technology wherein you don't have to enter keys but it doesn't work with RDP


We have internal PKI. SSH for *nix boxes are already taken care of using another vendor.