Time issues but no time config problem.

  • Last Post 07 June 2017
a-ko posted this 05 June 2017

Hey! Maybe someone here can help!

I'm getting really weird issues where were seeing an RDP issue due to time skew. We're traversing a forest trust. 

But strangely, every both involved has time offsets within a second of each other. And all Kerberos configs are normal.

Everything appears to be in sync via stripchart. Yet we're seeing the issue.

Maybe someone here has ideas...I'm still evaluating what's going on.


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amulnick posted this 05 June 2017

Mike, maybe a little more information would be helpful. 
Are you saying that all DC's in both forests are using the same time source AND that your access to a resource across a trust is being impacted by time skew? 
Why do you suspect time skew? 


a-ko posted this 07 June 2017

So we figured it out



VMWare was provisioning time and the host it happened to be on was off. But only that one host…


All good!



jeremyts posted this 07 June 2017

Great that you figured it out…but are you saying that an ESX host is the time source for your domain/forest?