Vista sp2 and group policy preferences

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sbradcpa posted this 01 June 2009

To aid a consulting in reimaging about 8 machines back to Vista sp1
because he's found that the client side extensions in this patch won't
install on SP2 because when you try to install them, they won't install,
and if you try to force the install it's not working

1. Does anyone have any eta of when these CSE's will be released for
Vista sp2?
2. Why weren't they included in SP2?
3. Got any other suggestions on how to get these suckers installed on
sp2 before he reimages?

"The command line for the KB does not work in any combination that I
have tried to get pkgmgr.exe to manually install whatever is in that cab

"Elevated CMD plus UAC with domain admin credentials while logged in as
domain admin on the Vista SP2 system.

The best I could get with any combination of commands is the contents of
the CAB file in the folder the CAB file resides in.

So far, no GPPrefs applying, and getting pretty frustrated as this setup
is supposed to go live in the morning. :(

I'm almost ready to download Vista Ent. SP1 and reinstall all 8 VMs and
get them all configured on the domain again. Hindsight is 20/20 as I
could have done that by now and had functioning VMs.

Not a good scene .."

If John is back in the office and wants to chime in, that's fine too.

Information about new Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008:;en-us;943729

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florian posted this 01 June 2009


My last information on the release date for the update installer was that it
will be ready once SP2 is RTM'ed. So they're a little behind with

A solution that worked for folks in the GP newsgroups was unpack the .MSU
file and repack it with pkgmgr. Something along

# expand Windows6.0-KB943729-x64.msu -F:* <location to extract>
# start /w %systemroot%\system32\pkgmgr.exe /ip /m:<extraction

should do the trick. Although I doubt this is 100% supported.



ElasticSky posted this 01 April 2016

Hi Reza,


Order of mapping drives is logically done as per the screenshot, i.e. 1 is mapped 1st, 2 is mapped 2nd, etc


Have a great day,