Hi everybody. I'm trying to configure smartcard authentication in my
W2008r2/w7 domain.
I'm having the following problem: windows recognize the reader driver
without problems, but not the "smartcard" ones.

And, in the logon windows in a win7 client, if I try to select the
smartcard option instead of the password, a message say something like
"the smartcard you are using requires specific drivers. try a different
one" (sorry, my OS is in italian, so i'm cannot paste the exact english
message here...)

I do some search with the smartcard ATR and it seems that the card I'm
using (Gemalto Gemsafe V1) is an old model, no more supported even by
the manufacturer. (and drivers are not available in the MS Update Catalog)

IS someone of you using smartcard authentication for clients in a
W2008R2/w7 domain?
Which model/type of card are you using?

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