Weird GPO Issue in 2008 R2 DC

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vishnu posted this 08 August 2013

Hi Experts,

We have a weird GPO issue in our environment.

One of our GPO’s is used to assign application to all users in a particular
domain. Couple of days back we have edited this GPO and changed the
settings as “not configured” for Mozilla Firefox ( Administrative Templates
– Classic Administration – Mozilla Firefox)

Strange thing is that, after the changes were done, the “Settings” tab is
not displaying the list of “Assigned applications” configuration
(Snapshot1). But if we edit the gpo, we are able to see all the
applications Assigned (snapshot2).

[image: Inline image 1]

[image: Inline image 2]

Our client development team is complaining that due to this some
applications got uninstalled. Do you have any idea why this could have
happened and how it can be fixed.

We have a backup of the GPO, but we are concerned that if we do the
restore, the version number on the client & server will be different and
this can lead to some issues with the GPO getting applied to clients.

Vishnu R

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SamErde posted this 08 August 2013

The behavior that you have described sounds like the GPO's software
installation setting had the deployment option "Uninstall this application
when it falls out of the schope of management" checked.

Of course, there is no Enabled / Disabled / Not Configured optin with GPO
software installation settings that I am aware of. This would have happened
if the GPO link was disabled, or if you removed the software package from
the software installation setting, or if you disabled the Computer
Configuration section of the GPO, or if you used security group filtering
to block people from receiving the GPO.

Hope that info helps,



vishnu posted this 08 August 2013

Thanks Sam !

As you can see in the snapshot 1 entire software settings are not visible
through GPMC , but (snapshot2) the package shows as "Assigned" but the same
is not showing up in "Settings" tab in gpmc.

How we can get the setting tab display back ?