Windows 10 migration and Default File Associations

  • Last Post 30 March 2016
Dima Razbornov posted this 17 March 2016

So, the second post in day.

Recently I fall into migration project and find, that Default File Associations in Windows 8+ are broken after migration (user SID changes)

and frustrating comments from here and here.

Somebody solved this problem? I am interested in a solution for Windows 10 migration.



Parzival posted this 30 March 2016


You can actually export the file associations to an XML file first, then reapply that on the migrated account 

We used:

However, while the blog states to use GPO to also export, you can actually read the assignments directly from the registry and dump them in an XML file. 

Basically you should script:

After profile migration/domain join and reboot, create a script that does:


Create xml from registry


Remove deny rights


Set registry to xml file




Remove registry to xml file.

The script we created was a larger script just for this specific migration.. but the steps are easily scripteable..

Basically what the script should do.. is create a specific GPO on the extensions the user has chosen, next in these steps is the removal of the deny rights on the "old" assignments in

the registry so the new "created"GPO can actually set the newly generated keys on the extensions in the registry... the XML is required to trigger the extension re-hash in the registry.