Windows servers Registry backups

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yogeshcittu posted this 10 March 2017

Hi All,
I have requirement to take a backup of registry for multiple computers from a remote server
Please help me with any ways or script
Note: PSRemoteRegistry module is not installed.

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yogeshcittu posted this 18 March 2017

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with above requirement


daemonr00t posted this 19 March 2017

There’s the old REG command that you can use, that plus a loop and I guess you’ll get what you need.

I would check which specific hive or key you really need.



~danny CS

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yogeshcittu posted this 19 March 2017

Hi Danny,
It would be really helpful, if you could share the command to achieve the below requirement
Req:, Need to take complete registry backup for multiple servers from logging into a remote server


ken posted this 19 March 2017

Reg.exe /?


will give you a starting point. Then you just need to work out a way to run it remotely – of which there are many available options (e.g. psexec,

scheduled task etc.)


I suggest you try at if you really need more help, since this isn’t an Active Directory related question.